Lioness Leadership

Leading like Lionesses: Why Women Belong on Law Firm Executive Committees

The Lioness Way About a year before I left BIGLAW, I argued a case before Chief Judge Mary Briscoe of the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals.  Two male judges, one of whom was on senior status at over 90... Read more

What’s in an Attorney Rate?

Some Thoughts to Think Before Agreeing to BIGLAW’s 2013 Rate Increases It’s that time of year, when BIGLAW announces rate its increases for the next year.  In BIGLAW’s business-as-usual, rate increases have become the primary manner in which firm... Read more

Backwards and In Heels: Why Women Make Better Attorneys

They say Ginger Rogers could do everything Fred Astaire could . . . just backwards and in heels.  Like many women, Ginger was handicapped by heels and social conventions that increased the complexity of her part in the “dance.”... Read more